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Comments from past participants:
"A truly positive and useful experience."
"Approaching perfection!"
"Excellent! Thank you!"
"Make sure this seminar continues!"
"I am leaving with a head full of ideas and an increased love for what I do!"



The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the Community and Technical College System with support from the Faculty Advisory Council will sponsor the 25th annual West Virginia Great Teachers Seminar in June at North Bend State Park. Like its counterpart in more than 25 states, Canada, and the Pacific Rim, the focus of the seminar will be on innovations and challenges of instruction at the college and university level. Faculty members from every higher education institution in West Virginia are encouraged to apply.

The focus:
The workshop focus is not on teaching specific disciplines, but rather on the art of teaching. The emphasis is wholly on the special nature of those who are and aspire to be great teachers. The GTS is based on the notion that, if properly tapped, the collective wisdom, experience and creativity of any group of practicing educators far surpasses that of any individual expert or consultant. The structure of the seminar evolves from the initial innovations and challenges workshops. Experienced and inexperienced college educators learn from each other. Underlying all activities is the challenge to characterize and define the "great teacher." ."

The site:

The seminar is at the North Bend State Park Lodge on the outskirts of Cairo, WV (not far from Parkersburg). Participants will enjoy the facilities of an established conference center situated in a picturesque wooded valley. Recreational activities include bicycling (North Bend is situated on one of the best rails-to-trails in the state), tennis, hiking, swimming, playing music, guided nature and bird walks, and nearby antique shopping. Participants will have one afternoon free for recreation. Bring your bicycle, running/hiking shoes, a musical instrument or sports equipment as the spirit moves you.

The purpose:
To celebrate good teaching.
To challenge educators to venture beyond the limits of their own specializations and environments in search of transferable ideas and the universals of teaching.
To promote a spirit of introspection and self-appraisal by providing a relaxed setting and straightforward process whereby participants can seriously review and contemplate their attitudes, methods and behaviors as teachers.
To practice rational analysis of instructional problems and to develop realistic and creative approaches to their solutions.
To stimulate the exchange of information and ideas by building an expanding state-wide network of communication among teachers in higher education.

The Staff:
David Gottshall, founder of the National Great Teachers Seminar, will lead the workshop. David is a wonderful seminar leader who has never missed a West Virginia GTS. He considers the WVGTS to be among the best in the nation. We are lucky to welcome his return for our 25thth annual event. The staff of four experienced facilitators is composed of former seminar participants.

For more information, contact senior facilitator Mark Goldstein,

To ensure a quality experience, enrollment is limited. Each college and university may register for one or two faculty slots for the seminar. Marshall and WVU may register for more. Participant registration forms must be submitted by May 1. The total cost of lodging for 3 nights (double occupancy) and 9 meals is $311 payable to North Bend State Park at checkout. A limited number of single rooms (including meals) are available for $443. Please do not invite spouses, friends or children to stay with you for any portion of the seminar; your undivided attention is required.
Each participant will be expected to bring with him/her:
An INNOVATION PAPER: A one-page paper describing a personally attempted (and relatively successful) teaching innovation. Bring 30 copies with your name and institution.
A PROBLEM PAPER: A one-page paper describing a problem or concern you have encountered while teaching in classroom or lab for which you have not found a workable answer, 30 copies, with name.
A TRICK OF THE TRADE: A single teaching idea or tool (homemade or commercial, original or borrowed, subject-oriented or universally applicable) which has enhanced your teaching.
An INSPIRATION: a book, journal article, publication, or other resource that you have found particularly helpful or inspiring to you and/or your teaching.
For more information on your campus, contact your ACF representative :

Bluefield State College – Mike Lilly,

Blue Ridge C&TC – Deidre Morrison,

BridgeValley C&TC – Mike Ditchen

Concord University – Johnnie Linn,

Eastern WV C&TC – Shirley Murphy,

Fairmont State University – Harry Baxter,

Glenville State College – Larry Baker,

Mountwest C&TC – Elliot Parker,

Marshall University – Marybeth Beller,

New River C&TC – Sandra Lilly,

Pierpont C&TC – Amy Cunningham,

Potomac State College – Tom Sydow,

Shepherd University – Max Guirguis,

Southern WV Community College – Charles Puckett,

West Liberty State University – Sylvia Senften,

WV Northern Community College - Mark Goldstein,

WV School of Osteopathic Medicine – Dave Brown,

WV State University – Barbara Ladner,

West Virginia University – Roy Nutter,

WVU Parkersburg – Gary Thompson,

WVU Institute of Technology – Asad Davari

Brochure for the 2018 Great Teacher's Seminar

Brochure for the 2018 Great Teacher's Seminar (.pdf)

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